The following game was made in a 1 hour and 59 minute for RigidJam7!
as you launch the game all dice are selected,
you take two turns, first, rolling all dice, then selecting and re-rolling none, one, two or all of the remaining dice.

After this the computer takes two turns, following the same procedure, in the end a winner is declared based on whom has the HIGHEST NUMBER

due to the short time limitation, several bugs are prevalent, the primary being that upon starting your second round and forward, all your dice will by default be deselected, and require you to manually select before rolling...

all parts of the game was made within a 2 hour window, from art to code.


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I would only suggest you to change the text from "Select!" to "Deselect!" when a dice is already selected, other than, nice job on the project!


i would definitely have done that if time permitted during the jam, i'll probably update it once the rating-period is over :)